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B.Tech − Artificial Intelligence and Data Science





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S.No. Student Name Company Duration Year
S.No. Student Name Event Level Prize Year
S.No. Student Name Event Topic Prize Year
S.No. Student Name CGPA University Rank
S.No. Student Name Company Year of Establishment
S.No. Faculty Name Workshop Year
1Dr. A. Punitha Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and its Applications in Research and Development 2015
2Dr. A. Punitha Lecture on How to do a good Ph.d. Thesis 2015
3Dr. A. Punitha NPTEL Workshop 2013
4Dr. A. Punitha Analog & digital IC Design using Cadence Tools 2013
5Dr. A. Punitha Grid Computing 2008
6Dr. A. Punitha Network and Networking Simulators 2007
7Dr. A. Punitha NBA Workshop 2015
S.No. Faculty Name Title Patent Number
1Dr. A. Punitha Profile Based Digitization of Medical Records in Cloud 2021100009
S.No. Faculty Name Publication Year
1Dr. A. Punitha Thermal-Aware and Low-Power High Level Synthesis Using Intensive Flow-Graph Algorithm 2017
2Dr. A. Punitha A Temperature-Aware Scheduling with Incremental Binding and Floorplanning for HLS 2014
3Dr. A. Punitha Dynamic Broadcast to share the data in multi owner using FEAL. 2014
4Dr. A. Punitha Feedback Analysis and Reports using Data Mining 2014
5Dr. A. Punitha Mona A multi owner Data Sharing A scheme for clouds 2013
6Dr. A. Punitha IP2IP: IP to IP based mobility support protocol 2010
7Dr. A. Punitha Movement based check pointing and logging for failure recovery of database applications in mobile environments 2010
8Dr. A. Punitha Survey of memory, power and temperature optimization techniques in high level synthesis 2009
9Dr. A. Punitha Global connectivity and mobility management in mobile IP 2009
10Dr. A. Punitha QoS assurance distributed web cache system 2008
11Dr. A. Punitha Quality of target tracking and mobility management in mobile sensor networks 2008
12Dr. A. Punitha DPSR: Dynamic piconet to scatternet routing 2008
13Dr. A. Punitha An efficient low cost backbone and clustering formation in Ad-hoc networks 2007
14Dr. A. Punitha Content based multicasting using filters in mobile networks 2006
S.No. Event Name Chief Guest Designation Year
S.No. Name Designation
S.No. Program Name Resource Person Name Topic Company Duration
S.No. Student Name Project Topic Company Duration