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B.Tech − Artificial Intelligence and Data Science





60 Seats


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S.No. Student Name Company Duration Year
S.No. Student Name Event Level Prize Year
1ABARNA S CM Birthday Celebration Zonal Participation 2023
S.No. Student Name Event Topic Prize Year
1BALA AYYAPPAN A Symposium Prayuddha 23 Participation 2023
2BALA AYYAPPAN A International Conference Neuromorphic computing Participation 2023
3BALA AYYAPPAN A Workshop Scikit learn for ml application Participation 2023
4SAHAANA S Paper Presentation AI using climatic change Participation 2023
5SAHAANA S Symposium Coding Buzz and Hoopla Participation 2023
6VENGATESH K S Paper Presentation Weather forecast ing Participation 2023
7VENGATESH K S Symposium Machine learning Participation 2023
8MANOJ S P Paper Presentation Equal access to education and opportunities Participation 2023
9MANOJ S P Workshop Data visualization using python and R programing Participation 2023
11MOHAN M Workshop R programing Participation 2023
12SRIMATHI P Paper Presentation Economic growth and job security Participation 2023
13ABARNA S Workshop Quantum Computing Participation 2023
14DHINESH KUMAR M Workshop Quantum Computing Participation 2023
15DHINESH KUMAR M Paper Presentation National level hackathon. Participation 2023
16ABARNA S Paper Presentation National level hackathon Participation 2023
17ABARNA S Symposium E-Graphics Participation 2023
18DHINESH KUMAR M Symposium E-Graphics. Participation 2023
19AJAY KARTHICK B Workshop Cloud computing Participation 2022
S.No. Student Name CGPA University Rank
S.No. Student Name Company Year of Establishment
S.No. Faculty Name Workshop Year
S.No. Faculty Name Title Patent Number
1Dr. R. Punithavathi MKCE Connect Karur
2Dr. R. Punithavathi A Virtual Reality Based Personalized Virtual Room for Improving Quality of Life for The Bedridden Patient Karur
3Dr. R. Punithavathi Wireless Fidelity with Inventor Authentication Method Karur
4Dr. R. Punithavathi Special Bus Management SystemSBMS) Software SW-9002/2017
S.No. Faculty Name Publication Year
1Dr. R. Punithavathi Transforming sentiment analysis for e-commerce product reviews: Hybrid deep learning model with an innovative term weighting and feature selection 2024
2Dr. R. Punithavathi Computer vision and deep learning-enabled weed detection model for precision agriculture 2023
3Dr. R. Punithavathi Suicide Ideation Detection of Covid Patients Using Machine Learning Algorithm 2023
4Dr. R. Punithavathi Protecting Data Mobility in Cloud Networks Using Metadata Security 2022
5Dr. R. Punithavathi Empirical Investigation for Predicting Depression from Different Machine Learning Based Voice Recognition Techniques 2022
6Dr. R. Punithavathi Crypto hash based malware detection in iomt framework 2022
7Dr. R. Punithavathi Robust Node Localization with Intrusion Detection for Wireless Sensor Networks 2022
8Dr. R. Punithavathi Preserving Data by Role based Access Control and Query Auditing System 2022
9Dr. R. Punithavathi Metaheuristic clustering protocol for healthcare data collection in mobile wireless multimedia sensor networks 2021
10Dr. R. Punithavathi Prediction of Systemic Diseases Using Machine Learning 2021
11Dr. R. Punithavathi Number Plate Detection and Recognition Using Machine Learning Algorithm for Theft Detection in Toll Collection System 2021
12Dr. R. Punithavathi Secure Content Based Image Retrieval System Using Deep Learning With Multi Share Creation Scheme In Cloud Environment 2021
13Dr. R. Punithavathi Hybrid BWO-IACO Algorithm for Cluster Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks 2021
14Dr. R. Punithavathi Prediction of Facial Expression using Deep Learning 2020
15Dr. R. Punithavathi Early Detection of Lung Cancer using Optimized Convolutional Neural Network of Deep Learning Technique 2019
16Dr. R. Punithavathi Geographical Information Based Crop Yield Prediction Using Machine Learning 2018
17Dr. R. Punithavathi Data Science: Current Use and Future Applications 2016
18Dr. R. Punithavathi A Fault Tolerant Mobile Agent System”, International Journal of current Engineering Sciences 2015
20Dr. R. Punithavathi Mathematical Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Mobile Agent Based Mobile Banking System 2014
21Dr. R. Punithavathi Computer Aided Diagnosis of Brain Tumor in MRI Images 2014
22Dr. R. Punithavathi Secured and Authenticated Mobile Agent based Mobile Banking System 2011
23Dr. R. Punithavathi A Fault Tolerant Mobile Agent Information Retrieval System 2010
24Dr. R. Punithavathi An optimized solution for mobile computing environment 2008
S.No. Event Name Chief Guest Designation Year
1AI & DS Association Inaugural Er. N. Sreekumar Sr. Manager, Sales and Marketing, Drives and Motion Control, Yaskawa India 2023
2AI & DS Association Inaugural Er. S. Sathiya Murthy Assistant General Manager, Pan India Operations, Yaskawa India 2023
S.No. Name Designation
1Er. N. Sreekumar Sr. Manager, Sales and Marketing, Drives and Motion Control, Yaskawa India
2Er. S. Sathiya Murthy Assistant General Manager, Pan India Operations, Yaskawa India
S.No. Program Name Resource Person Name Topic Company Duration
S.No. Student Name Project Topic Company Duration