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17-18 Mar, 2023

Inaugural Function of SERB Sponsored Two Days National-level Seminar Trends and Challenges in Electric Vehicles

On the 17th and 18th of March 2023, Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology, Karur, organised a two−day national−level seminar on Trends and Challenges in Electric Vehicles under the Department of Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB).Dr. Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor / EEE at NIT Trichy, inaugurated the two-day technical seminar.

The program began with a welcome address by Dr. M. Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor/EEE of Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology, Karur. The function was presided over by Dr. A. Punitha, Principal of Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology. She spoke about the importance of electric vehicle technology in today's world and the need for constant updates and innovations. She emphasised the role of technical seminars in creating a platform for knowledge sharing and learning.

Dr. S. Senthil Kumar, the Chief Guest, spoke about the relevance of the seminar topic and its significance in the current scenario. He also highlighted the importance of continuous learning and up skilling in the field of technology.

The keynote speakers for the seminar were Dr. Shelas Sathyan, Assistant Professor/EEE, NIT Trichy, and Dr. K. P. Pinkymol, Assistant Professor, NIT Trichy. Both of them delivered an informative and engaging speech on the topic, providing valuable insights and sharing experiences from their professional careers.

The function concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. N. Vijayasarathi, HoD/EEE of Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology. He thanked the chief guest, keynote speaker, and all the participants for their valuable contributions and support towards making the event a success.

Overall, the inaugural function of the technical seminar Day 1 was a great success, providing an excellent platform for participants to gain knowledge and insights into the scope of electric vehicles in future. The administrative officer of ChettinadTech Mr. B. Sathish Kumar had made all the necessary preparations for the grand success of this function.

The event was attended by 140 participants from various educational institutions.

4 Mar, 2023

Plantation of Saplings

A Tree Planting event was successfully completed by the ChettinadTech NSS Unit on March 4, 2023, under the Ministry of Youth Welfare and Special Scheme Implementation. The purpose of organising this event is to plant trees to maintain the balance of the environment, create environmental awareness among students, and make students aware of the benefits of tree planting.

Mr. Udhayanidhi Stalin, minister of youth welfare and sports, participated virtually and launched a massive tree-planting campaign. As part of this programme, 3750 saplings were planted in Puliyur municipality. We planted each sapling, surrounded it with soil, and watered it. Mr. K. Rajasekar and Mr. M. Vasanthprakash, ChettinadTech NSS Unit Programme Officers, guided the volunteers as to which tree should be planted in which pit.

Mr. K. Balasubramaniyan, the Executive Officer of Puliyur Municipality, organised the sapling ceremony. When the tree-planting event was over, everyone felt happy and proud to have done something positive for the environment.

24 Feb, 2023

Faculty Learning Programme Train the Trainers-Part 3 on AR VR MR Development

Mr. M. Vasanthprakash, AP/EEE, conducted the 15th Faculty Learning Programme entitled AR VR MR Development.

In his presentation, he shared that Extended Reality (XR) is an umbrella term for visual technologies that enhance or explore our view of the world. This is often done by overlaying or immersing computer text and graphics into real-world and virtual environments, or even a combination of both. XR encompasses augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR). While all three realities share common overlapping features and requirements, each also has different purposes and underlying technologies.

So XR is set to play a fundamental role in the metaverse world. The next evolution of the Internet will converge real, digital, and virtual worlds into new realities, accessed via an Arm-powered 5G or 6G device such as a VR headset, AR smart glasses, or a spatial computer.

According to him, XR devices vary according to the type of AR, MR, and VR experience, the immersiveness, and the simplicity of human life that they enable. In addition, he gave a simple augmented reality (AR) live demo and played some animation videos for our faculty members to understand how XR technology can change our lives.

8 Feb, 2023

Visit To The Organic Farm

On February 8, 2023, ChettinadTech students along with faculty members from several departments visited an organic farm in Vanagam, Kadavur. There they served nammalvar kudil and numerous saplings and trees rich in micronutrients.

What is more fascinating about this place is that instead of using pesticides, they apply panchakaviyam, which kills insects and increases yield on agricultural land, to protect saplings, fruits, and vegetables.

The waste materials collected from trees and seedlings are converted into organic fertilizers. During this trip, students learned about agriculture and its importance.

5 Feb, 2023

Lions's Leo Club Regional Meet

The regional Lions Club meeting was held on February 5, 2023, at Noyyal, Karur.

Our LEO group participated in the meeting as a member of the Lions club, and the club's President, Secretary, and Treasurer received mementos for their services.

4 Feb, 2023

Q'QUEST 2023

The Annual Conference - Q Quest, is a unique confluence of various realms of companies. It serves as a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry practices and provides the participants with an opportunity to network with the companies. Q Quest aims to encourage and keep up the passion for quality and to imbibe the wisdom of the experienced and the knowledge of the learned so that the flair for quality lives on.

It is paramount that quality professionals help their organizations make the vital connection between quality excellence and their ability to thrive in disruption. AU TVS Centre for Quality Management's Q Quest '23 Annual conference will act as the catalyst for professionals, helping them understand how quality will enable transformation and growth.

This year, from February 04 to February 07, 2023, the Anna University of Chennai tied up with TVS and organised Q'QUEST 2023. In Total, 10 events were conducted. Nearly 57 colleges participated.

In our college, the following were the winners:
Event name: Q-Adzap, Position: 1st prize. Team: R.Harish, P.Nithish Kumar (II ECE)
Event name: Reporters, Position: 3rd prize, Team: B.Gowsalya, M.Jeevitha (II ECE)

4 Feb, 2023

Industrial Training

Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology aims to provide students with active learning experiences that prepare them for the workplace. Therefore, as part of their curriculum, our first year B.E.E.E., MECH, and IV-CIVIL students, along with three faculty members, visited Chettinad Cement Corporation, Karikkali, Dindigul (District) on February 4, 2023, in order to gain practical experience and insight into the real working environment.

Industrial training includes various elements of a cement factory as well as stages of production and the whole process of manufacturing cement. This includes raw materials such as limestone, clay, clinker, and gypsum for the final product and packaging. Overall, it was a worthwhile experience to gain insights into how a manufacturing plant operates.

During the industrial visit, they learned about integrated cement manufacturing units and their processes.

3 Feb, 2023

Industrial Training

Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology aims to provide active learning experiences to students, making them industry-ready and professionally trained. Thus, as part of their curriculum, our first-year B.E./ECE students, along with two faculty members, went for an Industrial Visit to Chettinad Cement Corporation, Karikkali, Dindigul (District) on February 3, 2023, to gain practical exposure and insights into the real working environment.

This industrial training included observing various elements of a cement factory, various stages of production, and the complete process of manufacturing cement from raw materials like limestone, clay, clinker, and gypsum to the final product and the packaging processes. Overall, it was a great experience to understand how a manufacturing plant functions.

The industrial visit was very informative for the students as they gained exposure to integrated cement manufacturing units and their processes.

2 Feb, 2023

Entrepreneurship Meet

Entrepreneurs are individuals who successfully transform an idea from theory into reality. Executing an idea requires confidence, commitment, and determination. Learning what motivated an entrepreneur to take action toward implementing their ideas can help students evaluate their own ideas.

Established entrepreneurs often have relevant insights, experience, and advice they can share to help new entrepreneurs on their personal journeys. Interviewing entrepreneurs can help the students learn more about the steps they took to get where they are.

Our I-MBA students were divided into six teams of 10 students each. Each team identified a successful entrepreneur in Karur and nearby districts. They prepared the relevant questions to ask the entrepreneurs and interviewed them with the help of their respective mentors.

19 JAN, 2023

Value Added Course − 'NI Multisim'

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organised a value-added course on "NI Multisim" for 2nd-year EEE students from January 19 to 21, 2023.

In-house EEE faculty members Mr. P. Pandi, AP/EEE, Ms. P. Thenmohzhi, AP/EEE, and Mr. S. Ragul, AP/EEE, led sessions on PCB design and implementations of electronic circuits using Multisim. Using NI Multisim Simulation and NI Ultiboard Software, the students received hands-on instruction in designing printed circuit boards for dual power supply voltage regulators (5 volts and 12 volts), bridge rectifiers, and continuity testers. A total of 29 students took this course. Leading the value-added course, Mr. N. Vijayasarathi, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, thanked all those who supported the successful conduct of the program. Mr. B. Satish Kumar, Administrative Officer, made all the necessary arrangements.

19 JAN, 2023

Wellness Sessions For Our Staff

Wellness sessions, including power yoga sessions, were organised for our first-year staff members.

Regular yoga practice will lower stress levels and overall inflammation levels, which will lead to healthier hearts. Yoga can also be used to treat a number of the risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure and obesity.

Physical well-being encourages taking good care of our bodies for their best possible health and performance. Physical well-being consists of several different components that need to be taken care of together. The balance of physical activity, diet, and mental health is encouraged by overall physical wellbeing to keep our bodies in good condition. This effort was implemented in light of the significance of the staff's physical and mental welfare.

19 JAN, 2023

Wellness Sessions For The Body And Mind

We organised wellness sessions for our first-year students, including yoga sessions.

Improved concentration leads to better grades, balanced blood pressure, decreased absenteeism and tardiness, improved interpersonal relations, and enhanced confidence levels. This is in addition to good sleep, relief from headaches, improved calmness, and a sharper mind.

Research studies related to wellness indicate that Indians who take proper care of themselves and make healthy lifestyle choices are healthier, happier, more productive, miss less work, and have lower healthcare costs. Considering the importance of the mental and physical wellbeing of students, this initiative was implemented.

13 JAN, 2023

Pongal Celebrations 2023

Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology, Karur, celebrated the Pongal festival on January 13, 2023. The festival started with a pongal-making competition for students.

Many fun games, like Rangoli, Pot Breaking (Uriadi), the three-legged race, run, rotate, and run, balloon race, eating competition, house building with paper cups, monkey race, etc., were organised for both staff members and students.

To add the right flavour to the festival, Devarattam, Mayilatam, Oyilattam, and Poikal horse performances were given by the Dindigul Vasavanaikanpatti Devarattam team.

The winners of the events were presented with prizes by the Principal Dr. A. Punitha.

The administrative officer, Mr. B. Satish Kumar, the programme coordinators, Dr. S. Gopinath, Mrs. A. Bhuvaneshwari, Mrs. C. Sangeetha, Mrs. G. S. Sankari, and Mr. P. Sivamuthu, and all the staff members had made the necessary preparations for the grand success of this function.

12 JAN, 2023

Smokeless Pongal

On January 12, 2023, a Smokeless Pongal awareness programme was organised in Puliyur Panjayat to raise awareness about plastic waste burning.

The awareness exhibition was inaugurated by Ms. T. Bhuvaneshwari, Municipal President, Mr. K. Ammaiyappan, Municipal Deputy Chairman, and Mr. K. Balasubramaniyan, Executive Officer. A notice paper was distributed by National Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers at Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology along with self-help groups (SHGs) and sanitation workers to educate Puliyur residents about the smokeless Pongal festival. As part of the awareness program, a rally was held to emphasise the importance of not burning plastic waste. NSS volunteers from our college visited door to door in Puliyur to educate residents about the effects of plastic pollution caused by burning plastic products.

10 JAN, 2023

A one-day workshop on Household Amenities and Appliances

A one-day workshop on "Household Amenities and Appliances" was organised by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering on January 10, 2023.

Our EEE department's internal faculty member, Mr. M. Vasanthprakash, AP/EEE handled the full-day session.

The forenoon session of the workshop started with the basics of fundamental electrical parameters and components, some basic working operations of an energy meter, fans, fluorescent lamps, types of wires and wiring connections, how to use a multimeter, and finally precautions about electrical safety.

During the afternoon session, different experiments were performed as hands-on training with simple electrical wiring connections for fans, lamps, UPS, and staircase lamp wiring connections for our first-year students.

Students learned how to connect electrical wiring connections for homes, protect household appliances from electrical faults, and become aware of electrical safety precautions during this one-day workshop.

31 DEC, 2022

New Year Celebration-2023

ChettinadTech Boys Hostel New Year-2023 Celebration was celebrated with festivity on December 31, 2022 at 6.30pm onwards. The theme for the day was United we stand together as one. Our students decorated the college hostel with colorful torans to welcome the year 2023.

The festival preparations by our college staff and student coordinators were excellent. Convener of the programme, Mr. B. Sathishkumar, Admin. Officer, CCET congratulated the students for their festival programmes like Movie Time, Campfire, and dance show. Students put up a creative cultural programme starting with a welcome dance.

They further put together a medley of songs with a dance show at their campfire. Vishnutharan M, IV Year MECH and Mohamed Fizal Rahman S, IV Year CSE compered the entire programme. The hostel council led by Mr. Jagadeesh, CCET Warden took an active part in organizing the event.

The cultural student coordinators from various department final year students Mr. R. Hariharan, Mr. P. Harish, Mr. K. Santhosh, Mr. M. Gurukarthikeyan and Mr. G. Surendhar helped in coordinating the cultural programme. After the programme, the students were treated with a special dinner.

23 DEC, 2022

Fine Arts Club - Inauguration

Fine Arts Clubs foster creativity and imagination among students. Additionally, it promotes self-esteem, motivation, aesthetic awareness, cultural exposure, creativity, emotional expression, and social harmony.

Chettinad Tech's Fine Arts Club was inaugurated on 23.12.2022 by Dr. N. Poorani Muralidharan, the world record holder in music on the Jetle Book of Records. She was joined by Mr. T. Selva Babu, a well-known drummer and rhythm composer, and Mr. S.K. Mathan Babu, a guitar and keyboard master. The office bearers of the club were introduced. The importance of the fine arts club was briefed by our Principal Dr.(Mrs).A.Punitha There was a splendid performance by all three guests.

3 DEC, 2022


Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology organized a LIGP program for I MBA students on December 3, 2022.

The chief guests for the session were Mr. Madhav Inguva & Mrs. Aruna Inguva, Bangalore.

Through real-time activities, they discussed the purpose of life. They taught the students to have a specific goal with a large purpose. They discussed the wholesome personality and its physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. It was a very informative and interactive session.

29 NOV, 2022

Movie Time

On November 29, 2022, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organised a screening of the film Rocketry: The Nambi Effect for I year B.E−ECE students.

Movies can help us explore important societal topics as well as to entertain and educate. They have the ability to make us sit up and take notice, provide us fresh insights, and widen our horizons. Inspirational films are useful for observing how various circumstances develop and how people respond to them.

Lokesh and G. Priyadharshini from the first year shared their reflections at the end of the session. Be a true person for our country, regardless of how many difficult challenges we are prepared to face, Lokesh advised. Priyadharshini suggested that Nambi Narayanan's story motivated us to achieve our goals, thus ensuring our success in the future.

28 NOV, 2022

Techno Battle − Project Expo 2022

Chettinad College of Engineering & Technology organized an Intra College Technical Meet Project Expo 2022 on 28th, November 2022. The main purpose for conducting this program is to enhance the knowledge of students and motivate them to compete in the globally competitive engineering field.

About 132 innovative projects were presented by the students of various departments along with 10 Government, Private School students projects. More than 700 students from various schools visited the expo and gained knowledge about the technical projects and their applications.

Mrs. N.Geetha, Chief Educational Officer inaugurated the Project Expo’2022.

Academicians from the University College of Engineering, Dindigul, and Government College of Engineering (Formerly IRTT) inspected and evaluated the excellence of the projects, selected the best project from each department, and awarded cash prizes. Among the various school participations, the top 3 prizes were bagged by both Government and Private schools. The overall trophy for the best project was bagged by the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Dr. Mrs. A. Punitha, the Principal, appreciated the Techno Battle 2022 winners and applauded the efforts of every participant in their endeavors.

Mr. V. Hariprasath, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Mr. P. Selvan, Senior Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering, coordinated the programme and thanked all those who supported the successful conduct of the program.

Mr. B. Sathish Kumar, the administrative officer, made all the necessary arrangements.

25 NOV, 2022


As part of this endeavour we successfully organized CAMSMEET-2022, the first national level management meet for MBA students, on November 25, 2022.

All students participated in many events and games. Special prizes were given to the winners. The fun event came to an end with refreshments being served.

The events included:

Plannagers (Best Managers)

Bizterrogate (Business Quiz)

Stock Battle (Stock War)

Brand It (Adzap)

Humanitariyan (HR Games)

365 MBA students from 23 colleges in and around Tamil Nadu participated.

24 NOV, 2022

Movie Time − ‘HACHI: A Dog‘s Tale’

On November 24, 2022, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering organized a screening of the film HACHI: A Dog‘s Tale’, for I year B.E−EEE students. It is an immensely appealing drama about the extraordinary love and devotion of a dog for his beloved human companion. Hachi‘s story is a beautiful testimony to loyalty, patience, and friendship. But it can also be seen from a spiritual perspective as a parable about the spiritual practice of yearning as a way to stay connected with the Divine.

While sharing their reflections at the end of the session, Mr. K. Suren, I−EEE shared his thoughts that loyalty is not to forget people you love.

Ms. V.Rama I−EEE felt that it is a treat for all pet−lovers like herself.

14 NOV, 2022

Freshers’ Party

On behalf of our ChettinadTech student community, a welcome party was conducted for our first year (2022-2026 batch) students on November 14, 2022. It was organised by second year students of all departments.

All students participated in many events and games. Special prizes were given to the winners. The fun event came to an end with refreshments being served.

Good luck to all the students at ChettinadTech, may you remain successful and reach your full

14 NOV, 2022

Freshers Day Celebrations

On 14th November 2022, the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organised a Fresher’s Party to welcome the newcomers, Batch 15.

The Fresher’s Day Celebrations was conducted very enthusiastically by our second year EEE students under the guidance of Mr. P. Pandi, SAP/EEE, Mr. M. Vasanth Prakash and EEE Department faculty members.

Pandi, SAP/EEE welcomed the new students and EEE Department faculty members.

The day was filled with excitement, joy, enthusiasm, laughter and happiness. In this event, our seniors and juniors came together to bond and celebrate being a part of the college community. New students were welcomed with much enthusiasm by our seniors. Freshers and seniors showcased their talents by dancing, singing, and acting. To make the function more enjoyable, small games were organized later.

The event concluded with the vote of thanks by Mr. S. Giri Prasath, second year EEE. Refreshments were served after the program.

14 NOV, 2022

16th Batch− I Year Orientation Programme

On November 14, 2022, the I year orientation programme was conducted for all departments by the respective HoDs.

The purpose of the orientation programme was to familiarize the students with the campus environment, faculties, and infrastructure. The aim of the session was to inform students about the academic aspects of the course, the institute's rules and regulations, and their progress.

The orientation sessions were handled by Mr.S.Gopinath, Sr.AP/Chemistry for I year AI&DS, Mr.R.Rajkumar, HoD/CSE for I CSE, Dr.M.Kumar HoD/ECE for I ECE, Mr.N.Vijayasarathi HoD/EEE for I EEE, Mr.V.Hariprasath HoD/MECH for I MECH.

14 NOV, 2022

Children’s Day Celebrations

Chettinad College of Engineering and Technology celebrated Children's Day on November 14, 2022, the birth anniversary of India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Dr. A.Punitha, Principal, presided over as the chief guest. The female faculty members began the session with a motivational song. The male faculty performed a skit showcasing the ground rules for students to follow inside the campus, to attain discipline and ultimately become good citizens. The students were encouraged to come out of their comfort zones and explore things beyond their horizon of education through activities such as Blow − Blast − Find and Pick the Tail.

With the facilitations made by Mr. B.Sathish Kumar, Administrative officer, the event was a huge success.

5 NOV, 2022

’Glossary of Banking Terms’ − ALUMNI TALK

The Department of Management Studies organized an ALUMNI TALK for the 1st year MBA students on the topic Glossary of Banking Terms on November 5, 2022.

Mr.R.Vivekanandh, I MBA, introduced the chief guest Mr. D. Praveenraj, Alumna of ChettinadTech, Deputy Manager, HDFC Bank, Karur.

Ms. S.M. Valliammai, I MBA, welcomed the chief guest and the participants.

The chief guest discussed key banking terms that will help students prepare for bank examinations and interviews. He also elaborated about how non-resident Indian accounts are maintained in banks. The entire session was interactive and informative.

Ms.Roja, I MBA, delivered the vote of thanks.

5 NOV, 2022

’Glossary of Banking Terms’ − ALUMNI TALK

The Department of Management Studies organized an ALUMNI TALK for the 1st year MBA students on the topic Glossary of Banking Terms on November 5, 2022.

Mr.R.Vivekanandh, I MBA, introduced the chief guest Mr. D. Praveenraj, Alumna of ChettinadTech, Deputy Manager, HDFC Bank, Karur.

Ms. S.M. Valliammai, I MBA, welcomed the chief guest and the participants.

The chief guest discussed key banking terms that will help students prepare for bank examinations and interviews. He also elaborated about how non-resident Indian accounts are maintained in banks. The entire session was interactive and informative.

Ms.Roja, I MBA, delivered the vote of thanks.

5 NOV, 2022

Outdoor Activity For Team building

To inculcate team building ability of the students, a blindfold activity was conducted for II-MBA/II-Semester students on November 5, 2022.

The students were divided into 6 teams.

An item was placed in a destination. All the members in the team had to stand in a line and close their eyes. The leader of the team who stood last had to open his/her eyes and guide the team to reach the destination.

Here the destination point is not fixed and the items were placed in different destinations.

The activity was conducted to build trust and to develop their listening and instructional skills.

This game encourages cooperation, teamwork, trust and to inculcate leadership skills among students.

Staff In-charge: Mr.Murugesan.N, AP/MBA and Mrs. N. Prabha, ASP/MBA

4 NOV, 2022

Guest Lecture − Path To Become A Full Stack Developer

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a Guest Lecture on the ‘Path to Become a Full Stack Developer’, on November 4, 2022 for Second, Third and Final year CSE Students.

R.Rajkumar, Head of CSE welcomed the Guest.

Mr. B. Manojprabhakaran, the guest speaker, explained about Full Stack Development and talked about various job opportunities in that field, with its roles and responsibilities. He motivated the students to get prepared for placements and added that in addition to mastering HTML and CSS, programming a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular) and programming a server (like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node) is also required for full stack development.

The students interacted with him by asking various questions and doubts. The students while interacting with the guest got a clear idea about the full stack development and its opportunities.

4 NOV, 2022

CAMS Association Inauguration Program

The Department of Management Studies organized an inauguration program for the Chettinad Association of Management Studies (CAMS) on November 4, 2022.

Ms.Hema, II MBA, welcomed the chief guest and members of the association and Ms. R.M.Yegammai, II MBA introduced the chief guest to the gathering.

The chief guest CS.R.Rajasekar, Company Secretary in practice Karur shared his experiences as a company secretary and elaborated the process of company incorporation, statutory and regulatory requirements of a company secretary, etc., and also spoke about the Indian Economy and its future. The entire session was very informative and interactive.

Mr.Surya Prakash I MBA delivered the vote of thanks.

3 NOV, 2022

16th Batch, B.E − First Year Inaugural Day Function

  • Chief Guest : Mr. V. Krishnan,Joint Head of Unit President Karikkali.

On November 3, 2022, our college hosted the inaugural function for the 16th batch of BE - First Year students. As the chief guest, Mr. V. Krishnan, Joint Head of Unit President Karikkali, shared and advised students from personal experience.

Dr.A. Punitha, Principal, gave a special speech on the occasion through anecdotes for the students to understand better.

Mr. R.Sivamurugan, Professor, Dept. of Physics and Coordinator of the Event, gave a cordial and warm welcome to the chief guest, and Dr. S. Gopinath, Associate Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, gave the Vote of Thanks.

Professor B. Sathish Kumar, Administrative Officer, facilitated the event.

Parents and students actively participated in the interaction. It was a wonderful beginning for our budding engineers.

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