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Know Why 2020 Is Still A Good Year To Apply To University

This year would remain in the mind of mankind as the most atrocious and merciless years of all. A global pandemic, forest fires, extreme weather conditions, floods and political uprisings. No stone remained unturned in the year 2020. All the major industries have experienced a massive setback in their shares and at the stock market and so has the education of millions around the world. A constant debate on whether to reopen the schools and colleges would be a good idea, have topped the charts of social media handles. Thousands of children and young adults were found infected with coronavirus after an untimely school opening. Yet we are here to discuss why 2020 is still a good year to apply to university. With the uncertainty COVID has brought into this world it is necessary to understand the importance of gap year and why it should be taken with utmost planning. Let us find out.

Concrete planning

It is during these uncertain times most of the students would seek to opt for a gap year to keep them from going out and expose themselves in the pandemic. The classes being irregular and lack of resources due to loss of jobs further intensify the take. But, such a gap year is only advisable if you choose to do something even more concrete with your career. You may take up an online job or do a one-year distance course which could justify the gap year on your curriculum vitae. On the professional front, a global pandemic would not be considered a speed breaker in your career due to the ample amount of online material available for you to start off with. Hence, a genuine and concrete reason should support you during an interview to back you up. This is why 2020 is still a good year to apply to university because you are safe from the pandemic as a student.

Constructive changes

As a matter of fact, the year 2020 has really changed the education system to the advantage of the students, the grading system has improved and due to postponement and cancellation of exams, the grades are assessed based on the formative assessment leaving a space of relaxation for those who missed their target by a mark. Nations are forced to bring in newer friendlier education reforms for students that would provide practical knowledge to them for their career ahead. If the world successfully finds a cure for the coronavirus, mankind could return to Pre−COVID times sooner.

Saving time for greater benefits

One must forgo negative thoughts on the pandemic and look at the positives like being able to get a higher education degree with enrollment at a college/University. Online classes and reduced teaching time will improve efficiency in teaching. You as a student are saving a major share of money on travel and fuel every month, which could easily be diverted into creating an impressive CV for yourself. How? You can join courses or work part-time using the saved time and money. It would further improvise your stance towards multitasking, a skill not everyone could efficiently bring to life and on top of that get to complete a degree full−time. Of course, with the sudden shift and change, its obvious that you would get an upper hand and will be exempted from the unnecessary expectations of college that persisted in pre−COVID times. Hence it's rather a boon to apply to college in 2020.

Avail the opportunity

Almost everybody is adjusting to the new normal - mask on the face, sanitizers in hand and thermal checking have been a norm everyone follows when outside. Whereas online meetings and classes, PowerPoint presentation, as well as the use of social media, is another new normal. You and your generation will be the first to experience and witness the change and hence will be treated with caution as well as leniency in terms of rules. It is quite advisable to avail this opportunity before 2021 when the world gets used to the system and you may not be favored as you would if you apply in 2020. This is the reason why 2020 is still a good year to apply to university rather than take a break and missing the opportunity of a relatively easier get−through.
The pointers above clearly state that the students must avail the opportunity of applying to universities this year since decisions and working systems have been changed to work in their favor. Apply to your choice of college and give your CV the necessary upgrade.